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Madonna visits favela, and loves Rio

madonna in santa marta 1Singer Madonna arrived at the favela Santa Marta, in Botafogo, the South Zone of the city, where she goes to visit a social project. Madonna showed affection and was magic with the sight. The singer, who was followed by the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Cabral Son, waved for the public and posed for photos. The first activity of the singer was to attend the presentation of a dance group in one squares esportiva in the top of the favela. Seated on the ground, to the side of the governor Sergio Cabral, she was very excited. She applauded and she arrived to give gritinhos of incentive for the children. Madonna, however, was not to attend the presentation of ” Social action for the Music of the Brasil” , she preferred to go soon for the intended plan to go to the highest part of the favela, where there is the Unit of Polícia Pacificadora (UPP) and is possible to have a beautiful sight of the city. Before, to enter in the inclined plan, bondinho that it makes the passage in the mount, she declared to be very happy for knowing the city. “It is very good being here. I love Rio”, I said smiling. In the way for bondinho, the singer still made an affability to a boy of the community, Ezequiel Silva, of six years, whose cheek was squeezed by the singer. But the boy said that he did not like to be fondled, and he was questioned if he would like to go to live with pop to star, he responded: ” To live with her? Not, with her! ” Madonna left the place for return at 7:30. Before, she was presented by the ceremonial of the first-lady of Rio, Adriana Ancelmo, with a bouquet of white irises. The singer also gained a DVD of the NGO ” Social action for the Música” , that it is co-ordinated by Fiorela Necklaces.


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Fashion Designer Mark Ecko, Gringolado?

Fashion designer Mark Ecko posted a video of him in Rocinha, and wrote a little about the favelas in Brazil.
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You really don’t get a taste of Brazil until you get to visit the Favela’s. I visited both Helipolis in Sao Paolo, and Rocinha in Rio. In Sao Paolo I got to visit the work of Apprendiz and other social projects involving the arts and community. In Rocinha I got a very special night time tour with MC Junior and Leonardo– who are giants in the music scene here.

I had an amazing time. People were lined up on the streets watching old videos of Michael Jackson. The food was great. Graff scene in Sao Paolo is sick! Rio is a completely different vibe– much more chill, typical of a beach community. Rio is LA. Sao Paolo is NYC. This video is a little long, but it’s worth watching- especially for the music in the end.

Side note: Interesting comment left on Mark’s blog by a brazilian that shows the Brazilian attitude towards favelas. “Damn, so I, a brazilian, who visited hundred of different places of my own country, but never a favela from Rio or São Paulo never got the “real taste” of my country?”

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