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Volunteering:2 Bros

Are you interested in volunteering check out 2 Bros You can live and work in a favela and get to know the culture.


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Call of Duty:Favela

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 blasted past $300 million in sales on its opening day, the videogame’s publisher said, blowing away even Hollywood films to become the highest-grossing entertainment launch ever. Check out the favela level.

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Favela Fight

Check out favelafight a friend of Soufavelado. You can stay in Chapeu Marengeira, a small favela 2 blocks from the beach, and study a fighting style. Cool life!

Looking for an amazing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai training experience? Want to train with the world’s top fighters? Come live, fight, and train in the favela in world famous Rio de Janeiro. Shape up your ground game, work on your striking and submission skills while immersing yourself in Brazilian culture.

Train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai kickboxing, with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and champion, Marcelo Penca. Live and train in a working class “favela”, where the world’s top fighters are born and made.

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Madonna visits favela, and loves Rio

madonna in santa marta 1Singer Madonna arrived at the favela Santa Marta, in Botafogo, the South Zone of the city, where she goes to visit a social project. Madonna showed affection and was magic with the sight. The singer, who was followed by the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Cabral Son, waved for the public and posed for photos. The first activity of the singer was to attend the presentation of a dance group in one squares esportiva in the top of the favela. Seated on the ground, to the side of the governor Sergio Cabral, she was very excited. She applauded and she arrived to give gritinhos of incentive for the children. Madonna, however, was not to attend the presentation of ” Social action for the Music of the Brasil” , she preferred to go soon for the intended plan to go to the highest part of the favela, where there is the Unit of Polícia Pacificadora (UPP) and is possible to have a beautiful sight of the city. Before, to enter in the inclined plan, bondinho that it makes the passage in the mount, she declared to be very happy for knowing the city. “It is very good being here. I love Rio”, I said smiling. In the way for bondinho, the singer still made an affability to a boy of the community, Ezequiel Silva, of six years, whose cheek was squeezed by the singer. But the boy said that he did not like to be fondled, and he was questioned if he would like to go to live with pop to star, he responded: ” To live with her? Not, with her! ” Madonna left the place for return at 7:30. Before, she was presented by the ceremonial of the first-lady of Rio, Adriana Ancelmo, with a bouquet of white irises. The singer also gained a DVD of the NGO ” Social action for the Música” , that it is co-ordinated by Fiorela Necklaces.

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Gringolado POV: Samuel Tesfay

Sammy was staying in the favela Tavares Bastos. Here is his POV of the favela:

Well my experience in the favela has been overall great! But I have to admit that I had my preconceptions about it from all the movies and the reputation that Rio has of being one of the most dangerous places in the world. So I was watching my back constantly the first couple of days. But after a while you realize that the favela is just like any other place in the world. Just people doing their thing, but doing it much better! I really like the fact that you see people of different colors living together like that, music playing constantly, the doors to the houses are always open during the day, it’s a good vibe! The people are very laid back and always seem to be having fun. And I believe that if you really want to get to know the real Rio, then you should definitely stay in a favela because of the constant vibe that is going on there. And most of all you feel welcomed there, it’s like if you live there you are a part of the family from day one! But you should of course do some quick research on what favela you should stay in. Every favela is different and has its one way of living. And some of them maybe aren’t as safe and easy going as the next one. So be sure to ask around and do some resource before you decide to live in one.

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New positive favela movie in the works

Here is an article from about 5 Times Favela film project. When I visited Nos do Morro in Vidigal they also let me know they are taking part in this project.

Carlos Diegues, one of Brazil’s most acclaimed film directors, is working on a new project that he hopes will challenge stereotypes of Rio’s favelas and become a box office hit: a remake of his 1962 movie “Cinco Vezes Favela,” or “Five Times Favela.”

Originally produced by upper class film students, the remake is being made by five aspiring directors from Rio’s slums. Each director must produce a 20 minute segment that will become part of the complete feature film. With a US$2 million budget and coaching from some of Brazil’s best directors, like Fernando Meirelles and Walter Salles, the film has high expectations. Diegues hopes the budding directors will achieve fame and success, while being able to accurately portray where they come from.

The creators of the movie hope to portray the slums in a different light, after the success of violent films like “Cidade de Deus” and “Tropa de Elite.” The stories in the film are comedies and upbeat tales to focus on hope and the positive aspects of slum life. The film will be distributed by Sony/Columbia Pictures.

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Sidney’s Story

Sidney foto
Behind the popular images of Brazil, the tropical beaches, soccer and carnival lies another reality, that of desperate poverty. Kids are subject to police brutality, rape, violence, and being forced into prostitution just for food or to stay alive. Brazil’s GDP ranks it as the eighth richest country. Less than one percent of the population owns more than fifty percent while more than fifty percent of the population owns less than one per-cent of the land. Brazil has the greatest disparity between the rich and poor of all countries.

I grew up in the slums with 5 siblings and my parents but my father was an alcoholic and he used to beat us up almost to death. My oldest brother left home when he was 7 years old and my second oldest left home when he was 5 years old because they were both tired of the slums, poverty and the beatings of my father. I left home when I was 11 and I also never came back home and I lived on the streets of Brazil for year but God through YWAM rescued me and God restored my life.

The slums in Brazil is a very sad place to live specially when you are involved in drugs or selling them. I lost many friends because of the drug trafficking and poverty but I am so glad God brought people like Anwar all the way from the U.S.A to work and serve in the slums of Brazil and that’s the reason why I preach the Gospel today. I have been over 20 nations preaching the Gospel and I am so thankful for what Anwar is doing in the biggest and most dangerous slums in Rio de Janeiro.

If you want to read more about my story you can buy my book and also watch a documentary about my life at and it is in English and we will ship it anywhere you are in the world.
Or you can contact Sidney through email



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