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Drug traffickers set bus on fire in Rio

Three suspected drug traffickers were arrested in Rio de Janeiro on charges that they burned a bus in the tourist district of Copacabana, apparently in reprisal for the police occupation of the “favela,” or shantytown, in which they live, Brazilian police said.
Officers arrested three men Tuesday who were carrying fuel and two grenades on suspicion of having set the bus ablaze, police Col. Marcus Jardim said.

The vehicle was parked and did not have any passengers on board, and the driver was relaxing in a nearby bar, and consequently nobody was injured, or worse, in the attack.
Witnesses said they saw that the man who actually set the blaze suffered burns on one foot, other police spokesmen told the G1 online news Web site.

The suspects burned the bus in apparent reprisal for the police occupation this week of Pavao-Pavaozinho, a slum in Copacabana, a move authorities made within the framework of the “pacification” policy being undertaken in marginal neighborhoods dominated by drug trafficking bands, police said.

The policy of sending the police permanently into Rio’s favelas has allowed the authorities to impose order in five of the city’s neighborhoods that were being dominated by drug traffickers.
A wave of drug-related violence left at least 40 people dead in Rio in October.

Rio de Janeiro is plagued by constant clashes involving organized crime groups, the security forces and paramilitaries over control of the city’s favelas.

In late 2006, drug gangs in Rio launched coordinated pre-dawn attacks on buses and police stations they said were in retaliation for death squad operations in scores of slums.

Leaflets strewn at the scenes of the attacks, which left more than a score dead, accused former Rio Gov. Rosinha Garotinho of fostering the formation of the death squads.

In one of most heinous incidents, six people were burned to death when gunmen boarded a bus, robbed the passengers and then set fire to the vehicle.


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Police occupy favela Pavaozinho/Cantagalo

With the occupation initiated this Monday, November 30, of the Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo favelas (slums), in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, which are controlled by drugs traffickers, the Rio Military police is starting an operation that by the end of 2010 should be offering what they call “community security” to 30% of those who live in favelas in the city. This will mean that about 300 thousand people will be living in areas protected by the UPPs (Peacemaking Police Units).

These numbers were calculated by José Mariano Beltrame, Rio de Janeiro state’s secretary of Public Security. He also said that another two communities will get Police Peacemaking units before the end of the year.

“This proposal is not going to stop. It is a concrete gesture that we are prepared to do us and will continue to do it. And we will have a great number of helped people up to the end of the next year. We intend to reach 30% of the communities, which endure today the territory logic imposed by the assault rifle, free from this weapon, free from the control of these crooks,” said Beltrame.

For the UPPs alone will be assigned 3,300 military policemen. They will be chosen, preferentially, among young recruits and they will get a salary bonus of, at least, 500 reais (US$ 285), paid for by Rio’s city hall by means of an agreement. In the Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo’s UPP will be detailed 250 military men.

The strategy of permanently occupying the communities controlled by the organized crime, instead of only holding individual operations, is part an integration policy in the favelas where about a million people live, through projects of Growth Acceleration Program (PAC) together with programs of basic sanitation infrastructure, lighting services, opening of streets and house building.

Five communities already have their UPPs: Batan and Cidade de Deus, in the west side, and Santa Marta, Babilônia and Chapéu Mangueira hills, in the south side.

The operation in the Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo favelas started Monday morning. About 300 military policemen, most of them form the elite force Bope (Special Operation Battalion) took over the community. During the action, the policemen gave battle to drug traffickers. A man died and another was arrested. According to the police, both were linked to drug trafficking.

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